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At Aspen Chiropractic of Eugene we have a dedicated rehab room with all of the equipment you will need. We understand that automobile injuries can be very complex. Generally, once the spine has been stabilized and the soft tissue injury treated, therapeutic exercises are prescribed to strengthen the muscles around the site of injury. This is done to help prevent relapses or reoccurring problems that can turn short term, subacute injuries into chronic and lasting permanent problems.

We will work with you one on one to create a customized exercise plan for you based on your condition. We want to empower you with the knowledge you will need to help yourself. You will need to strengthen your muscles around the site of the injury to protect your spine and prevent problems from reoccurring in the future.

Once you have learned your exercise plan and are able to perform it without help or supervision, you will be given homework assignments to continue your rehab on your own. We found that this empowers our patients with the tools they need to develop healthy exercise habits.

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